• Ocean Center, Off Oladipo Diya Way, Gudu Districts. Apo, FCT, Abuja
  • +234 902-265-6167
  • Ocean Center, Off Oladipo Diya Way, Gudu Districts. Apo, FCT, Abuja
  • +234 902-265-6167



“Strengthening Anti-Corruption and Accountability by Amplifying Corruption Related Investigative Reports On the Radio and Through Social Media”, with support from MacArthur Foundation, with focus to increase visibility of major investigative reports on corruption and stimulate public engagement in anti-corruption crusade through radio programs and social media platforms. The major goal of this project is come to reduce corruption by amplifying investigative reports in order to educate and mobilize Nigerian public to action. The Project short-term objectives include:

  • Advocate and mobilize institutional response to major corruption cases through targeted engagement with anti-corruption institutions and professional associations; and
  • Promote positive models by amplifying stories of integrity and ethical behaviors among ordinary Nigerians and other unsung anti-corruption champions.
  • The investigative reports are aired and syndicated in English language weekly on a network of selected radio stations in the FCT, Abuja, Oraifite-Anambra, Lagos and Kwara States respectively, as well as social media platforms.

These include Nigeria Info (95.1 FM), Blaze FM, Orifite (91.5), Kiss FM, Abuja (99.9), Kiss FM, Lagos (98.9) and Albarka FM, Ilorin (89.9). The program is highly interactive and participatory with resource persons handy to throw more light on discussed issues while Nigerians are also allowed to call to express their views on the reports during the program.

We also carry out complimentary activities such as Vox Pop (short street interviews) and social media engagements with Nigerians to sample their opinions on some of these reported cases of corruption.

Partnership with a consortium of Action-Aid Nigeria (AAN), the Centre for Communication and Social Impact (CCSI) and the Centre for Democracy and Development, in implementing the “Upright for Nigeria Campaign”, with focus to mobilize citizens to change the way they think about Nigeria, corruption and promote corruption averse mentality. On this, we have a weekly 30 minutes’ radio programme, Politics Extra on Thursdays.

Collaboration with Kiss FM Abuja on democracy, accountability and governance programme, Politics Extra on Tuesdays. The programme provides opportunity for Citizens, Civil Society Groups and Government Institutions concerned with anti-corruption and democracy projects to promote their activities